Kyla Shipping offers exceptional career opportunities to both officers and crew. Our office staff in Manila, in close collaboration with the Company's designated manning agent in the Philippines, actively participate in the recruiting, screening, briefing and training process of all crew members employed to ensure that the Company's managed vessels are manned with qualified and competent crew, which meet our strict selection criteria.
All crew admitted in the Company's roster participate in training programs which run all year onboard and ashore.

These training programs are above the minimum statutory requirements and are evaluated on a quarterly basis, during Kyla’s management review meetings. Additionally sea staff on leave participate in office activities, seminars and conferences and are kept in contact with the Company through newsletters and regular communication.
Our unique career development programs for both officers and ratings make use of cutting edge technological tools which are designed to embed a unique sense of belonging to our seafarers and aim to achieve crew retention rates that exceed the industry norm. In return, the Company enjoys smooth and uneventful ship operations 24/7-365 days a year, safeguarding the high quality services offered to charterers.